Competition Results

Results 2017/18 - 2nd open

7th December 2017, Judge: Ann Owens

Monochrome Prints

Gold: Iceberg Glacier Lake, Peter Paisley
Gold: Stormy skies over Burgh Island, Sally Boon
Gold: Gelarda Monkey, Peter Paisley
Silver: Angus, Michael Grover
Silver: Beach Waterfall, Ginny Campbell
Silver: Moorland Levels, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Prawle Point, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: These Boots, Brett Hornby
Bronze: Boat, Michael Grover
Bronze: Reflections on Texture, Helen Hardwick
HC: Underneath Teignmouth Pier, Sally Boone
HC: Haytor Railway Line, Mike Wynne Powell
HC: Esthwaite Morning, Barbara Arnold
C: Not You again with the Camera, David Ellis
C: Daydreaming, David Shawe
C: Pewtor: Merrivale copse, Kate Barnett

Colour Prints

Gold: Mother + child, Hamar tribe, Peter Paisley
Gold: A Blaze of Colour, Helen Hardwick
Gold: Delia’s Dahlia, Brett Hornby
Gold: Rough Seas, Malcolm Lee
Silver: Copacabana Wedding Guests, Kate Barnett
Silver: Young Girl Mursi Tribe, Peter Paisley
Silver: Galaxy, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Stop Kicking Sand in my Face, David Ellis
Bronze: Barbican Abstract, Rebecca Allen
Bronze: Red Admiral, Malcolm Lee
HC: Poppies, Anne Browse
HC: Suspense: Plitvice National Park, Kate Barnett
HC: Eden, Michael Grover
HC: The Girl on the Gate, Brett Hornby
C: Slow Motion, David Shawe
C: Garden Shed, Sally Boon
C: Birdman of Hiroshima, Morwenna Mullen
C: Drainpipe, Michael Grover

Digital Images

Gold: Rule of Thirds, David Shawe
Gold: Girl, Musi Tribe, Liza Paisley
Gold: Spiral, David Shawe
Silver: Coming Ashore, Liza Paisley
Silver: Hembury Woods, Richard Curzon
Silver: Bellever Tor, Roger Finbow
Bronze: Great Mattiscombe Sands, Nick Shepherd
Bronze: Suri Warriors, Peter Paisley
Bronze: Wild Flower Garden, John Roberts
HC: The Tree, Brett Hornby
HC: Oriente Railway, Lisbon, Jan Finbow
HC: Stormy Seas near Bigbury, David Vincent
C: Heading to Market, Kate Barnett
C: Clockwork, John Roberts
C: Meeting of Cultures, Kate Barnett